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In battery-driven vehicles such as electric vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, forklifts, transportation systems as well as battery-supplied machines and installations such as assembly machines, processing machines, XY cross tables, agricultural machinery, robots, and handling systems, conveyors, and for many other battery-supplied applications requiring a power of up to 150kW.



The controller electronics is installed in a robust aluminum housing, protection rating IP65. The devices are particularly solidly constructed according to the requirements for the application in vehicles. All connections have high-quality connectors. A long operating life is guaranteed by oversized power semiconductors and dc link capacitors. The optimized liquid cooling system provides for uniform cooling of the power semiconductors. The output stages and the battery connections are monitored via the software and independent hardware circuits. Depending on occurring errors there will be a controlled shutdown of the drive. The standardized high-performance digital control electronics are incorporated in thousands of UNITEK servo controllers worldwide.



✔ Battery connection 12V= to 700V=
✔ (dc mains supply, please note restrictions!)
✔ Independent auxiliary voltage connection 24V= or 12V=
✔ Digital interfaces RS232, CAN-BUS (further option)
✔ 2 analog inputs, programmable differential inputs
✔ 4 digital inputs/outputs, programmable, opto-decoupled
✔ Command value ramps linear, non-linear (s function)
✔ Enable logic and limit switch logic
✔ BTB ready for operation, solid state relay contact
✔ Position control, speed control, and torque control
✔ Resolver or incremental encoder TTL, SINCOS 1Vss, rotor position + bl tacho.
✔ Encoder output or 2nd encoder input
✔ Static and dynamic current limit
✔ Standardized fully digital control unit
✔ Safety shutdown in case of overvoltage, undervoltage, or excessive temperature of the motor.
✔ Intrinsically safe and short-circuit protected power section
✔ Processor-independent hardware shutdown in case of short-circuits, earth faults, overvoltage or excessive temperature of the amplifier.