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The digital 3-phase current servo amplifiers BAMOBIL D3xxx in combination with the motor provide a 4-quadrant drive which can be used in both rotation directions for drive operations and brake operations with energy feed-back. According to the installed parameter components the amplifiers are suitable for EC synchronous motors, ac asynchronous motors, or dc motors.

The BAMOBIL D3 can be used as position amplifier or torque or speed amplifier. The speed actual value is generated in the encoder unit (resolver or others) or internally generated (without sensors). It is necessary to provide an encoder system for wide control ranges and high control dynamics.



Compact devices according to the VDE, DIN and EU regulations, protection rating IP40, For They are used in battery-driven vehicles such as electric vehicles, electric boats, forklifts, transportation systems as well as battery-supplied machines and installations such as assembly machines, metal processing machines, XY cross tables, food processing machinery, robots and handling systems, conveyors, stone working machines and for many other battery-supplied applications.

Application in all kinds of vehicles, machines, and installations with a drive power of 7.5 kW under rough conditions, especially as 4Q-servo-drives for highly dynamic acceleration and braking cycles, for a wide control range, for a high efficiency, for small motor dimensions, for a uniform, accurate and smooth running, to be used for the speed or torque control or combined speed/torque control incorporated within or independent of position control loops.




✔ Battery or dc voltage connection 24V= to 48V= (24V= to 120V=)
✔ Independent auxiliary voltage connection 24V=
✔ Digital interfaces RS232, CAN-BUS (further option)
✔ 2 analog inputs, programmable differential inputs
✔ 4 digital inputs/outputs, programmable, opto-decoupled
✔ Command value ramps linear, non-linear (s function)
✔ Enable logic and limit switch logic
✔ BTB ready for operation, solid state relay contact
✔ Position control, speed control, and torque control
✔ Resolver or incremental encoder TTL, SINCOS 1Vss, rotor position + bl tacho
✔ Encoder output or 2nd encoder input
✔ Static and dynamic current limit
✔ Standardized fully digital control unit
✔ Safety shutdown in case of overvoltage, undervoltage, or excessive temperature of the motor
✔ Intrinsically safe and short-circuit protected power section
✔ Processor-independent hardware shutdown in case of short-circuits, earth faults, overvoltage or excessive temperature of the amplifier